1. International shipment of oversize, overweight or special goods
  2. Domestic shipment and haulage of oversize, overweight or special goods
  3. Arrangements for loading and crane operations
  4. Procurement of road permits for oversize vehicles for Hungary, Budapest or for Europe. Procurement of TO-BI vehicle passes for lorries below 40 tons for Budapest.
  5. Escort and special escort of oversize lorries in Hungary and Europe
  6. Arrangement of escort by the police or of supervisory escort by authorities, if required
  7. Route assessment and planning
  8. Inspection and structural assessment of bridges
  9. Lifting, deenergisation and removal of railway, telecommunications or strong current overhead lines
  10. Preparation of expert’s statement on shipments, loading, technology planning, execution and professional supervision
  11. Procurement and rental of equipment, accessories, width indicator signboards, CB radios, etc.
  12. Courier services, fast door delivery of documents and spare parts
  13. Towing ball hitch trailers up to a total weight of 2 tons, in oversize categories as well