Please honour us with reading our company’s letter of introduction.

Our company, Navigátor Centrum Kft., has been one of the largest shipment accompanying companies in Hungary since 1996- with excellent references.

In case you do not have a contractual relationship with a Hungarian lorry accompanying company, we hope to be able to cooperate as soon as possible.

But if you have already been accompanied by a Hungarian company, you might want to try us next time. You will surely not be disappointed by our services.

We offer:

– to obtain oversize permits for Hungary and, through our partners, to other European countries
– to do the administration to obtain oversize permits for the area of Budapest
– to obtain TO-BI vehicle passes for lorries below 40 tons
– to provide escorting, professional escorting, or police escort
– itinerary surveys, bridge examinations, if necessary
– to demolish and restore obstacles on the road or street signs
– to lift cables for tall loads
– to pay the overweight fee and the motorway toll, as agreed, so that lorry drivers do not need to keep too much cash on them.

If you entrust us with the escort of your consignment, we arrange and organize everything for you in Hungary. All you need to do is drive the lorry and you’ll reach your destination without worries.

We hope that we can cooperate as soon as possible. We look forward to receiving your order.
Our main foreign language is German, but we speak English as well.

Our esteemed Customer,
Should you not have time to complete the table attached, simply send your request to and we will get back to you ASAP.
Although an exact and correct price calculation does require the data required by the table.

On our website you find a table for requesting a quotation or placing an order. Please fill in the right column and send it to us.
One of the tables is only for Hungarian routes. The other one needs to be filled in only if you wish to drive within the city of Budapest as well.

We are more than happy to arrange for permits and escorts to a number of European countries. If you wish to have a quotation involving the road network of several countries, kindly write to, sending the completed data table, and we will prepare a full quotation within a few days, inclusive of all costs. If you choose the border checkpoints you wish to cross, do let us know, but if you leave it to us, we will select the most suitable ones.

Please watch our reference film on YouTube.

Yours faithfully

András Tekes
Managing director

Phone: 00 36 26 393 414
Mobile: 00 36 30 991 3291

E-mail:átor Centrum GmbHátor Centrum Kft